Customer Experience

CENTRE UXIVR: Elevate the level of user experience of your company, through real-time monitoring and control of telephone service lines and call center processes, using probes that simulate the end customer.

Our services

Measurement of telephone service lines: CENTER UXIVR.

Medux: quality measurement for landlines and mobiles.

Speech analytics platform.

Improve the telephone service experience
of your users with CENTER UXIVR

CENTRE UXIVR is an automated and flexible platform that measures the experience of your call center users, through virtual agents, who make calls to customer service lines, automatically marking all IVR tree options.

The voice recognition module identifies the responses and stores the attention times for each option, generating relevant data to support future decision-making.

Why choose CENTRE UXIVR for monitoring and control

of your company’s customer service lines?


Automated identification of the IVR tree:

CENTER UXIVR automatically performs the identification of all the options of the IVR tree of the telephone service lines.

Continuous measurement:

Constantly evaluate the service lines, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Failure notifications:

eceive notifications by SMS, email or WhatsApp about errors or failures detected in your service lines.

Our experience:

L’avenir we have extensive knowledge in regulatory issues and call center management.