Unified communications

CENTRE: With our unified communication automated solution on the cloud we guarantee a significant safe on the costs without implementing any hardware.

CENTRE is a communications system developed by L’avenir that automates telephony, messaging and appointments dating system in order to optimize and the efficiency of your company.

With CENTRE, you will be able to make calls, receive voice messages straight to your e-mail, set up meetings and even launch massive campaigns in order to improve the relationship with your clients as well as obtaining multiple opportunities with new prospects.

Optimize the communications on your company and get multiple benefits:

On premise and Coud solutions.

No hardware installation required.

Service availability all day.

24/7 - 365 days a year monitoring.

IVR: automated operator.

Pre-paid Calls Detailed Reports (CDR).

Automated Call Distributor (ACD)

Customer Relationships Managements (CRM).

Interface technologies: SBC, Troncales SIP, Gateways and Terminales.

Collaboration Tools: Microsoft teams.

Know some of our Chatbots

Routes state

The routes state chatbot delivers on line information of the on-going events on the main routes of Colombia. You can contact it through Facebook Messenger or Twitter by @vias_co .


It’s a character born from AI that was previously used for providing information about the Colombia 2018 presidential elections and which can be easily adapted to any other similar projects.